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Taking of puppy


The recommended moment to take a puppy from the breeder is at age from 8 to 10 weeks. Neither earlier - due to puppy’s development. Nor later - to join the new family is more difficult.

You’d better set off for your new puppy with a blanket, several toys, collar, leash and certainly the best by car with the good driver. It’s fine if you visited the breeder and your puppy before to have a chance to get to know each other. In most cases the breeder gives you a toy or something that the puppy is accustomed to. And after last goodbye you can rush home.

On the way home you should stop to walk the puppy…on a leash to avoid any risk. Smooth Collies sometimes salivate during their first way by car especially puppies. For that reason take a cloth for cleaning the puppy’s mouth and paws and put an absorbing cover below the puppy inside your car. Traveling in the winter, take great care of your puppy, the puppy can get wet and catch a cold.

During long way provide liquids to your puppy either water or slightly sugared tea.

If you decided to travel by train it is more complicated. You are to be well equipped to clean anything what can happen. You can use old newspapers and cover the ground. It is easy to pack them and throw away to garbage.

To travel with your small puppy it is necessary to avoid traffic and rush hours on Sunday, Monday or Friday. You’d rather choose any other day. On a long way pause for a half an hour after 3 hours and take your puppy for airing.