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Socialization of a puppy


This process is the most important in the puppy’s development. The basic socialization proceeds in the breeder’s house and if omitted we can face pointless problems all the dog’s life.

 When we take a puppy home, slowly and step by step we have to accustom the puppy to the various situation and necessity of our ordinary life. If the puppy is shy or frightened never punish him, on contrary behave yourself with self-confidence to show him there is nothing to be afraid of.  Gradually the puppy gets used to one situation and his reaction is sure we can go on and help him to solve another one. Finally the puppy is confident at home, on bus among people as well as in the park. We should also consider the age of the puppy. A puppy at 3 months will never manage the same things like an adult dog. On the other hand we shouldn’t neglect our puppy and bring him up to be fearful. The puppy ought to be prepared for unusual situations, for other dogs and the game with them etc. It is convenient never let your small puppy to be attacked by other adult dog. I don’t mean educational gesture like slight snapping, pushing back, growling or barking but real aggression. This experience can negatively affect mind and way of puppy’s thinking for the future and at grown-up age he can be aggressive to the other dogs.