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Dogs, which were imported to Czech republic


Uhland von Ihpol - 1972


Scandyline Amber Dream - Alkami


Dalimattas Disco Dream - Alkami


Pihatuvan Rebekka - Alkami


Scandyline Become a Dream - Alkami


Poulsgaards Born to be Wild - KL, more at


Celine von Ihpol - KL, more at


Enrico von Ihpol - KL, more at


Mighty's Spring Meadow Alfa Arien

Tricolour bitch imported in 2004 from kennel Mighty's Spring Meadow. Website of this female you can find here:


Be My Lord "Nelson" of Flying Heartbreakers

Imported 23.10. 2004 from kennel Flying Heartbreakers in Lucemburg. More information about this dog


Turella's Skywalker "Jeff"

Imported in January 2005 from kennel Turella's. More information about this dog


Zero Hour Fantazija "Djaru"

Bluemerle dog, born 14 th May 2005 in kennel Fantazija. Imported in September 2005. Owner: MVDr.Helena Modrá, kennel Modrásek.

More about Djaru you can find here:


Natalian Nightfall "Odie"

Tricolour male, born at 13 September 2005 at kennel Natalian in Russia. More about Odie at


Mighty's Spring Meadow Beatrix Lady "Bela"

Sable bitch, more at


Mighty's Spring Meadow Black Lady "Becky"

Tricolour bitch, more at


Helga Neitin Wellamo "Tepa"

Tricolour bitch, imported from kennel Helga Neitin in April 2006, born at 22 February 2006. More at website


Cinnaberry's Jackpot "Jack"

Sable male, imported from kennel Cinnaberry in May 2006, born at 21 March 2006.


Falstaff vom Palmbachtal "Fajny"

Tricolour male imported from Germany kennel Palmbachtal in July 2006, born at 5 May 2006.


Tanning Reggae "Reeni"

Tricolour male from finland kennel Tanning brought in September 2006, born 6 August 2006. More at website:


Turella's Yari "Jari"

Blue merle male from german kennel Turellas brought in November 2006, born 4 September 2006. More at


Grace von dem Eisvogel "Grejs"

Tricolour bitch from german kennel Von Dem Eisvogel brought in November 2006, born 17 July 2006.