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Smooth Collies are social, easy-going, very adaptable and endearing. They quickly learn basic instructions and accept an enlarged command technique with ease.

The Smooth Collie's high intelligence and eagerness to please make them easy dogs to train. Even beginners and grown-up children are able to train this breed.

Smooth Collie is a companion following you willingly anytime and anywhere. If you decide to stay at home or you work at the moment, your dog will lie down close to you and will patiently expect the convenient opportunity for some petting, playing any game or taking a walk.

Smooth Collies are dogs loving the entire family and their master first of all. They are very patient, gentle and protective over the children and tolerate a lot from them. When it is more that enough Smooth Collie will move away, out of the children reach.

They are willing to do anything for their master and that’s why they are used in a role of dog-assistant, guide dog or dog-rescuer. Smooth collie has excellent olfactory sense and suitable weight for moving in various terrain and conditions.

Original use of Smooth Collie is herding and guarding sheep. Unfortunately there are not many chances to realize this ability nowadays. Instead, many other activities can be found where Smooth Collies can show you how playful and devoted they are. They are long-distance runners and can also reach a high speed. Owing to all these qualities they succeed in the modern canine sports like agility, coursing, frisbee, caniscross etc. However, Smooth Collie will be happy going for a walk with you as well, especially if there will be new things to discover and some nice dog friends to meet.

Smooth Collies can be also trained to defend. Guarding of your house and family is natural for them. They will not bark without reason but when something strange is going on, be sure you’ll be alerted in time.


Extracted from ‘Svet psu’ issue 10/2004